The Layout

Members interested in model railroading, build, maintain, run, and operate the St. Alban's Railroad (STARR). 

STARR is an HO model railroad set somewhere in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Its main trunk and three branches are tied together in the vicinity of Albansberg Junction. Running east to west through the junction is the Brandywine Trunk connecting Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Running north from the junction to Reading is the Albansberg Branch. Also running north from the junction is the Lehigh Valley Branch connecting the junction with Williamsport and Sonestown. A side branch to the east of Albansberg Junction leads to Albanwood Steel.

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The map represents the general arrangement, the specific individual modules and their placements change from time to time as the layout grows and is improved.

The Albansberg portion is a solid permanent layout. The Brandywine Division, including Albanwood Steel, is an extensive modular addition built to NMRA standards. The Lehigh Valley Division is being converted to Free-mo standards

Module Standards and Technical Information


Updated: 11/20/2010