St. Albansí Railroad, Albansberg Division

Meet of Trains #WC-11 and #CW-10.

9:27 AM: Northbound CW-10 (red) clears South Junction on Track 1

9:32 AM: CW-10 crosses over to Track 2 at Megraw Tower and clears

9:30 AM: Southbound WC-11 (green) departs Albansberg Yard S

9:31 AM: WC-11 crosses over to Track 1 at Albansberg and clears 

9:34 AM - 9:35 AM: WC-11 and CW-10 meet at Midway

9:37 AM: WC-11 clears Megraw Tower on Track 1

9:38 AM: CW-10 clears Albansberg

9:39 AM: CW-10 enters Albansberg Yard


Last updated: 11/27/10