Meet of Trains #234 and #235 with SAC-21/22 shifting S. A. Coal tipple.

10:06 AM: SAC-21/22 (black) has begun working the tipple at S. A. Coal in South Albansburg and has cars standing on the main track between South Junction and Megraw Tower, on the siding at South Albansberg, and on the siding between South Junction and River Junction. The southbound Albansberg Limited #234 (green) has taken the southward lead to Albansberg Station.

10:20 AM: SAC-21/22 clears South Junction and will keep it clear until train #234 clears the junction. Number 234 is stopped at Albansberg Station. Its northbound counterpart, # 235 (red), clears Albansberg Junction. 

10:22 AM: #235 has switched to track 2 at South Junction and cleared the junction.

10:26 AM: #234 departs Albansberg Station

10:27AM #235 clears Megraw Tower 

10:29 - 10:30 AM: #234 and #235 meet at Midway

10:32 AM #234 crosses over to track 2 at Megraw Tower

10:33 AM: #235 arrives at Albansberg Station.

10:37 AM: #234 crosses back on to track 1 at South Junction. When #234 is clear, SAC-21/22 can resume working through South Junction.

10:39 AM: #234 arrives at Albansberg Junction Station

10:53 AM: #235 departs Albansberg Station

10:59 AM: #235 clears Hillside (a.k.a. Megraw Tower when operating south of Albansberg Yard) 

11:00 AM: #234 clears North Junction


Last updated: 11/27/10