St. Albansí Railroad, Albansberg Division

Physically, the Albansberg Division is a double-track folded-loop, however, by setting main route to cross over at Megraw/Hillside it is operated as a single-track point-to-point branch.

Schematic 1 shows both the physical and operational aspects of the layout. The double-track loop runs through the center of the schematic with Midway Station (a single location) appearing at each end of the schematic. The route of the single-track branch appears as bold lines in black (bidirectional), red (northward), and green (southward), and extends from Albansberg Junction at the south end to the Reading Interchange at the north end.

Schematic 2 emphasizes the operational aspect of the route with Midway Station appropriately in the middle, Albansberg Junction at one end, and Reading Interchange at the other. Trackage shared with another district is shown in blue. Distances between stations are in smiles calculated using a scale factor of 87.1:1 and a fast clock ratio of 4:1.


Last updated: 11/27/10