The General Service Waybill

Car Identification Information: Reporting marks and numbers are printed on the side of each car.
Type (first letter indicates general type): F flat, G gondola, H hopper, L special, N caboose, R refrigerator, S stock, T tank, V ventilator, X box.

Delivery Address: The destination to which the car is to be routed.

Return Address: The destination to which the car is to be routed after the car is released from the delivery address. This address is ignored unless the delivery address is crossed out as shown below.

Bad Order Report: If a problem develops with car, this box is checked and a brief description of problem is written on the back of the car.

Bar-Code: Uniquely identifies the car to the computer software used to generate waybills.

Owner: Name of car's owner; if blank, the owner is assumed to be StARR.




If the delivery address is crossed out,



the car is routed to the return address.


Bad Order Reports.

If a problem develops with a car, check the Bad Order box and describe the problem in the space provided.

Specify the location: Trucks and couplers are at the A or B (brake wheel) ends of the car. If you are standing at the brake wheel and looking toward the A end of the car, you can describe the sides as left or right.

If possible, continue to route car according to waybill, otherwise park car on nearest available siding and put waybill in corresponding station box.


Last updated: 11/27/10