About StARR


       The St. Albans Model Railroad (StARR) captures the essence of railroading and industry typical of south-eastern Pennsylvania in the steam to diesel transition era (roughly 1930 to 1970). It is an HO scale model railroad that measures roughly 30' x 60'. It has close to one thousand feet of track, 1400 cars, and 200 locomotives. Train crews and operators utilized digital command control to run and route the trains.

          During open houses, trains run for show. However, at special times, experienced model railroad operators from the tri-state region are invited to meet with us to run the StARR like as a real railroad would operate. During these operating sessions, simulated freight and passenger movements are affected by engineer/conductors, yardmasters, and dispatcher/towermen following computer generated schedules, train manifests, and yard switchlists.

          Model railroaders who want to contribute their time an effort to this undertaking, are invited to join us. Various members of the St. Albans Model Railroad club meet to work on the railroad on Monday mornings (9:30 am to 1:00 pm) and Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7:30 - 10:00 PM).


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